Dog Tags of Courage:  
 The Turmoil of War
  and the Rewards of
  companionship              ( Hardcover 1st Ed.) 
 John C. Burnam (Author) 
 Dogs of Vietnam
 A Seltzerhaus dog
 pictured on jacket cover  
Bill obtained his own German Shepherd Dog (GSD) at age eleven in 1951, when the Breed was only fiftey-two years old. He joined his dad's training club, The German Shepherd Dog Training Club of Illinois, which was one of the nation's first AKC German Shepherd only obedience training clubs. The dogs Bill grew up with were close to the "root" stock. Through the years, there was a noticeable difference in the character, temperament, trainability and structure of the German Shepherd Dog. For more information click Work/Show lines.

Through his mid-twenty's, Bill continued to train and title GSD's through AKC obedience programs. In the 1970's Bill became interested in the protection dog sports. To begin, he attended a course in Schutzhund training offered by Mr. Tom Rose in the St. Louis area.

Eventually, Seltzerhaus Kennels obtained dogs with the characteristics sought. We considered ourselves very lucky to share our lives with these wonderful companions. We began competing in the sport of Schutzhund and found we had GSD's that were clear headed of excellent quality 
and character. They were also great with children, which should be an attribute for all German Shepherds. In 1994 we began our breeding program and produce one or two litters per year. 

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  Two year old  
  Seltzerhaus female. 
  A member of the  
  Sangamon County, 
  Illinois Search &  
  Rescue K9 Unit
Over the years we, along with some Schutzhund friends, decided to implement some innovative features into the United Schutzhund Clubs of America's 1999 North American Championships which our Schutzhund club co-hosted. For example, to encourage spectator participation by the general dog-enthusiast public, we had a unique choir entertain during the event. The choir was comprised of high school football team members. We also had a band entertain during the event and held some non-sanctioned competition events in which dogs could compete although they were not qualified to enter and compete in that schutzhund trial (Ex. a timed rocket recall contest and hard hitting contest). A retirement ceremony was held for Gary Hanrahan's Pirol van't Enclavehof, wno was among of the best known dogs competing in America at the time.  The over-all comments for the event were very favorable, yet there was no sustained movement to bring change to the sport of Schutzhund. 
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