Baron von Petze, Sch 3, (SDA) PD 3
  Imported from Germany at 12 weeks. Working weight-97 lbs. 
  Retired-105 lbs. Seltzerhaus Foundation Male
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Asia v Seltzerhaus
Early training 
  Gimmel v. Seltzerhaus Sch 1
  We lost this wonderful girl January 2012. 
  She is dearly missed.
 Mike & Captain
Ishka v Seltzerhaus 

 Squirl - 2
 Ishka - 0 (again)
 But, someday! 
 Luther von Seltzrhaus
 Dual purpose police K9. (United States Police Canine Assn.)

           Mary v d Adlerau, Sch A.
 Imported from Germany at 22 weeks. 
 Obedience - High  in trial - 90. 
 Protection - 98.
 Foundation Female

Lindy working her guy
 Avi v Seltzerhaus
       one year 
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                                             This is how we develope a pup's bite work

Below is a video of Mike Karlov's young female pup under one year of age, Frankie. Trainer is Mark Boggs. This pup has never seen or been worked in the "cage" before. The cage is designed to introduce a puppy to a new degree of both pressure and environmental stress. The pressure and stress M-U-S-T be applied ONLY by a very experienced trainer that can read exactly how much the pup can take. Too much can ruin a pup. Much depends on the pup's genetics and its protection training up to the point of being introduced to this training situation. Here, this first-time pup does extremely well. Most likely Frankie will be able to be taught to continue developing into a protection sport dog that is not just sleeve happy, enjoying what is perceived to be a game, but will react as a true guardian should the situation arise. Such a dog should not react with the fight, flight or freeze syndrome. It should act with a clear head meeting the threat head-on while being controllable by its master. 

Note that both handler and trainer give the pup strong encouragement. When the pup is first working atop the crate and begins to show nervousness both handler and trainer soothe the dog, as is done throughout the session, to help her along. The trainer first steadies the crate then as she gains composure the trainer moves the crate as the pup holds its grip. This teaches her to get used to holding a grip while on a moving surface. The floor of the cage contains plastic items so there should be no injury. Even the metal door to the crate has been removed. After the session, the dog's tail is wagging and she looks back for more. A great start for future advancement as a complete package. 


Captain is the son of Jeager v. Seltzerhaus Sch3
and Nellie v. Seltzerhaus IPO 1.

He earned his Sch 3 & FH by 29 months of age.

As of June 2013 Captain was certified by the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) as a PD 1 working police K9.

Captain v Karlovhaus Sch3, FH PEDIGREE
Sire: Jeajer v Seltzerhaus Sch3  Pedigree
Dam: Nellie v Seltzerhaus IPO1 Pedigree    
Jo Jo v Seltzerhaus.
 Both Ollie and Nicky
 are on the
 Illinois' Sangamon  County, Office
 of Emengency  mamagement 
 (OEM) K9 Search &  Rescue Squad. 
Nicky v Seltzerhaus, 
Certified SAR Dog
Ollie v Seltzerhaus
​ Captain learning routine for USPCA "Agility" 
 Captain protection training at 13 months 
Chloe V. Karlovhaus
 AD, FPr1 (98), IPO2